Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The lame pilot study

I was able to finish my endorsement before 9:00 am but the problem was I had to do the inventory of the crash cart because I allowed the a nurse from the other ward to open it for the electrodes that they need for a crashing patient. The problem was, there were no available and I can’t believe that our crash cart was sealed with incomplete contents.
I was informed that they have just locked it because of the Philhealth accreditation thing. Since there is an ongoing pilot study in by our Central Supply group, there have been problems getting stocks from them on time. In result, the crash cart has become the 24-hour store for our hospital supplies needs.
I know that there is a serious problem with our supplier that is why I am suggesting that they go for other suppliers.
We have been having scarcity on ALRI CR2 and I checked that it available at Jazzmedical .com. Which is the largest and hailed as the most technologically advanced in terms of medical supply retailing in the entire Amreica.
I hope that they would consider my suggestion.

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