Saturday, October 29, 2011

A 3D experience

I was obliged to see a movie with colleagues for I fear that if I would not give in, they will get back to me at work.
Seriously, I would prefer to stay at home, sleep as long as I can or just idle in my crib watching TV.
I was awakened by call from my senior and she said to meet them at Gateway. I hurriedly hit the shower and took the train in baseball cap, white shirt and jeans. I just want to get it over with.
I arrived at gateway at 9PM and they said that the movie tickets are already sold out so we needto transfer to another moviehouse. The designated driver decided to bring us to Resorts World.
As I always say, I am not a big fan of moviehouses much more of 3Ds. I feel that it will just drain my pocket. Since it was a treat by our rich colleague, I just said okay. We put our 3D glasses on as we settled in our chair for Puss in boots.
I felt dizzy watching the movie and I often times take off the glasses as I felt it was squeezing my brain. I felt bad for my colleague who had to take off his eyeglasses so he could put on the 3D glasses. I he did not enjoy much either as he cannot make out of the images because they are all coming blurred without his visual aide.
The theatre was I think on top of a disco house and we can feel the bass pumping on the floor.
I did not enjoy the movie although there were some few jokes I chuckled on. I would not waste my money seeing it in a theatre much more in 3D.

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