Thursday, March 13, 2008

Emotions and Menstruation

I know that there’s a “connect” between my low EQ the other day with my expected “visitor”. While we always joke that when people is not in the mood, we always say that maybe she’s menstruating. This is actually true.
Aside from menstrual cramps caused by the release of prostaglandin that causes the muscles to contract, some girls and women find that they feel sad or easily irritated during the few days or week before their periods. Others may get angry more quickly than normal or cry more than usual. Many women get depressed, irritated, angry, and others cry more than usual or get cravings for certain foods. PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome) may be related to changes in hormones. Hormone levels rise and fall during a menstrual cycle, affecting the way a female feels both mentally and physically. ( Some girls, in addition to feeling more intense emotions than they usually do, notice physical changes along with their periods — some feel bloated or puffy because of water retention, others notice swollen and sore breasts, and some get headaches. (
I'm really sensing that I will be having my period because my hyperacidity is intensifying that day.
I just figured about these hormones surge the day after that emotional encounter with my client over the phone, I had my period already. Good thing I did not lash back at him. Oh, I hope that his problem got solved anyway because mine is.

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