Thursday, May 15, 2008

David versus David

Crowd’s favorite (Archuleta from Murray, UT) and the Idol Mean guy’s man (Cook from Blue Springs, MO) are the last two men standing on Idol's 7th Season Finale.
I know Cook must win for the love of emo.
But somehow I’m wishing and hoping that this highly talented bartender/musician/cowboy gets booted out.
For some selfish reason.
Idol rejects or losers have been doing mall shows here in the Philippines. Started by Bo Bice followed by Elliot Yamin and a handful more. The latest was Daughtry. But come to think of it there’s one AI winner, (shoot I forgot his name, the one that resembles Jay Leno and the one who beat Katharine McPhee.) who did a mall tour here.
Anyhoo, I am thinking that if Cookie lost to Archie, he’ll settle with mall tours in the third world. And it’s my only chance to see him in person!
I’ll give him my xoxo.
So to my blogger friends in America, please vote for Archie. Make it Archie as Cookie so that Cookie will be packing his bags and set off to my country and then we can get married!

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WillThink4Wine said...

You want David Cook to lose just so you can see him on the 'I didn't win Idol' tour? :-) That's funny!

I'm not sure I agree that he looks like Jay Leno, but I believe you mean Taylor Hicks!

poor man's nicole richie said...

hahaha. i'm selfish, aren't I?
oh yeah, taylor hicks. well he and leno got the same hairdo.
also, constantine was here in our humble republic.