Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cook got Archie served

My first time to watch Idol Season 7 was the Mariah Carey week.
I got wowed by the bartender from MO.
Since then, I catch up on Cook's performances on YouTube and it's only him that I watch.
This morning, I slept as usual at 2:00 am. Since it's Thursday, I got up at 4:30 am for the early morning church congregation.
When I got home at 7:00 am, I got a text from Tim that Idol judgment day is on.
I turned on the TV just to see the show. I knew that Archie's gonna win based on the trend of votes and the "sweep" comments by the judges.
Then my heart dropped as Seacrest announced that Cook is the last man standing!
I don't know but when Cook sings, I feel the connection. His sincerity that he loves what he is doing.
I guess, I won't be seeing him in my country anytime soon. Archie perhaps.
Cheers to DC!
Long live the rockstar emo cowboy! Catch him shuffle with ZZ Top here.

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