Sunday, May 18, 2008

IT security against theft

Being dynamically daring is one of the critical characteristics of a good company. Amidst all the gaps and challenges of the equally dynamic demands of consumers, one has to keep its resilience yet meeting the expectations of the people they serve.

A very classic example is Symark Software’s powerbroker and PowerPassword. Most businesses around the globe run on UNIX and Linux in terms of mission-critical financial, human resources and other applications.

With the use of Symark’s PowerBroker and PowerPassword-UME will allow the most secure deployment of the new HP Integrity Servers and the HP-UX 11i v3 Operating System as it they restrict and monitor access to the classified information.

We are aware that there are potential IT thefts and this is where Symark Software steps in.

The perfect tandem works this way: PowerBroker will protect the root account (which is the most targeted administrative account) from both external and internal threat while PowerPassword-UME will enable IT managers to have centralized control over deployment, modification and deletion of individual UNIX and Linux user accounts.

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