Monday, May 12, 2008

The June Bride

I have mentioned in my earlier post about the June Bride thing. While February has the love bugs, June has wedding love bugs.

Our teammate who we fondly call, Boss Del, who’s not our real boss by the way, is about to tie the know with her SO in June.

Although the wedding will be a simple ceremony, we are so excited because for one it’s an intimate occasion. She just invited people that are truly close to her.

The wedding and the reception will be held in a church and a function hall in our Alma Mater respectively.

She already has her simple yet elegant gown and shoes to wear to the special occasion. Everything has been set.

When I asked her if she had Bridal Registry, she said she has none so I asked her what she wants she said it’s up to me.

Knowing me who’s always on the run, I would not have time mall hopping and stressing out on what gift should I give her. I want something special that she could use. So I checked online and came across Custom Crystal Attire at and I found so many fabulous and useful gift ideas. This online store specializes in everything a bride needs from cakes, bouquets, bridal accessories upto the after party apparels like custom crystal rhinestone t-shirts, tank tops, bikinis and flip flops.

Since I want something unique for Boss Del, I find this site’s create-you-own garments advantageous.

Oh and I remember she said in passing that she has no wedding favors to give away, I think I might be of help to her on this one.

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