Sunday, September 12, 2010

They arrived on time, finally!

Last week, in preparation for the Asian premiere of Camp Rock The Final Jam on Disney Channel, I ordered pizza at Shakey’s. My niece loves pizza.
The rider came in 10 minutes late and I was just bluffing him that he was late and living up to their tag line: if it’s late it’s free, the rider did not ask for my payment. I felt guilty but then again, it was their promo.
Today, having all the family members in the house, I decided to order again at Shakey’s. We were teasing that if the Shakey’s people would learn that I had three instances of free pizza delivery already, they might bake the pizza on mobile just to get it to our doorstep in time.
The pizza arrived on time but what we’ve noticed about the pizza is that they are a bit oily and the crusts were not well cooked as they easily break when lifted from the box.
Anyway, it still tastes good.

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