Friday, September 17, 2010

Locked out

My co staff nurses decided to give ourselves a breakfast treat at Delifrance inside our hospital compound after our night shift.
After more than an hour of giggling we parted ways and I decided to sleep in the dorm. The door was partly open when I arrived but no one was inside so I decided to just leave my things there and left the door the way I saw it. I hit the shower bringing just the robes and toiletries. I returned to our room feeling refreshed and ready to lie flat on bed when I found out that the door was already locked! I tried knocking but no one answers. I told myself, no one was left inside. I had no choice but to go to the reception area in robe and asked the guard if she saw any of my room mates went out. She said that they have left. Too bad they did not notice that my stuff were still there that I just went to the shower room. The guard just told me to ask for the help of the janitress if she can force open the door.
So I did but her efforts did yield any positive outcome. She decided to phone one of my room mates in her ward and lucky for me that she was there. The ward was in the other building but the janitress did not mind going there.
When she arrived, I was already sitting at the doorstep half asleep. Good thing she had the key with her.
She’s my savior.

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