Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting the squeeze

Regardless of my schedule the following day, my usual sleeping time at home is 12:00 mn or 1:00 am. After having my daily dose of TMZ, I switch my channel to TV5’s Juicy. For some reason, while I am not interested in local news, there is something inside of me that screams showbiz. Though I don’t like Cristy Fermin, the main host, I like how they are open to discussing matters involving artists outside their network. There are no holds barred even in making remarks about artists and they have no qualms about mentioning the show in other networks or the product a particular artist endorsing.
The show is catching a good share of viewership that it was moved to a day time slot and being replayed still before midnight.
It is a good way for me to get myself to sleep. LOL.

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