Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soon to be certified

Yesterday was the last day of my intravenous therapy training. 

It was the day of return demonstration where you we actually performed five different IV procedures infront of preceptors from setting up an IV line, IV insertion, total parenteral nutrition (both central and peripheral lines), blood transufions on dummy and actual IV insertion on your partner. 

They had to make us feel how it is to be inserted with an IV. Duh?!

I made it through. I just have to be back on January 8 to 10 with my partner to complete our actual cases as required by the registration body. We shall be on duty in this military hospital to actually perform what we have learned before we could get our license.

I am excited that I decided to just stay at home the whole day today. I cooked Spanish sardines pasta and made an iced tea.

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