Saturday, November 15, 2008

Celebrity Filler

Princess Diaries is now being shown on Disney Channel and I can’t really believe that the mean cheerleader there was Mandy Moore. I mean I am not used to seeing her blonde. I always remember her as the semi-red head brunette in A Walk to Remember.
So just to fill in my curiosity, I went on to search for Mandy Moore Gallery. Here I saw that Mandy is indeed blonde and she’s pulled it off. I am really appalled.
It’s been a while since I have been last updated with her gigs and I am glad that I was able to hop on this site where it does not only feature galleries of famous celebrities but like Nikki Cox it also houses fully loaded stuff like news, blogs, fashion and shopping.
Everything essential in life is all right here. Into writing? You could also submit your article related to fashion and get it published within 24 hours. Cool!
You could also get and give Maternity Clothes Advice that I find handy since I have tons of friends who are expecting. I just have to send them the link and their on their way to being fabulous.
I am really loving this site.

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