Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eating healthy

I can't do anything about the glutton that I am feeling. Instead of starving myself, I thought of stuffing my gut instead of healthy stuff.

I decided not to deal with the 3 rice-meal a day anymore. I just have to turn to healthy fillers like fruits, wheat bread and veggies. No carbs as much as possible.

My tummy is bulging out already. My face is a perfect full moon. I used to be half moon hahaha.

I know I can't hit the gym as yet. I don’t' have running shoes, I don't have the budget yet to get new pair and to enroll to the gym.

I am still working on it. The budget that is. And it means I don't have spare time also since I always render overtime. 

Like today. It's my restday but I opted to go to work.


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