Sunday, November 23, 2008

He was here!

The other day, I was just drooling over his food trip in Laos. Next ting I know, Anthony Bourdain was here!
The traveler and chef from No Reservations was here. I learned in the new paper early this week.
He had the taste of Spanish-Filipino cuisines through CafĂ© Ysabel. Geez, I forgot the name of the owner because I was really into the details of how Tony loved the dishes served to him. Well, most of them are Spanish sounding I can’t imagine any Filipino side of it. but he loved the sisig matched with pale pilsen. He was also welcomed by our local celebrity-chef Judy Ann Santos.
I learned that Tony reserves his appetite for hearty meals on cam but in his trip to the Philippines was an exception for he tried a sumptuous treat off cam.
The episode is set to be shown in January. I sucked at narrating his trip here anyway and I could find the article anymore.

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