Thursday, November 13, 2008

I chopped my locks

It was March since I last went to the salon.
Since my naturally frizzy hair is now making a scene, it's time for it to be tamed by tying it in pony tail. Well I think I could still spare some time ironing the roots.
I am planning to get a hair treatment in December but I am still thinking between having my tresses rebonded or just have it dyed. I am tired of being brunette. I want to lighten up. I can't have my hair dyed and rebonded at the same time so I have to choose.
I still have a month to decide.
If I will be going for the rebonding thing, I have to chop some extra locks off because if ever I will be practicing in a hospital, my hair needs to be pulled back in a bun so it won't touch my nape. It's a hospital rule.
And tying your hair after rebonding is like throwing some serious bucks on the street.
Smells like I will be channelling Anna Wintour or Katie Holmes.
But if will just have my hair colored (still a conservative shade though), I could still keep my hair a bit longer and I can manage to tie it up and the color can still be noticed.

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