Sunday, August 14, 2011

Planking what?

Have you seen a person lying on his or her abdomen? Do not be shocked to see people suddenly drop on their abdomen from nowhere or if you passed a person stiffly lying in prone position on a sidewalk, on staircases or bridges. It is called Planking.
I actually first hear of it last week when my nieces are mentioning the word repeatedly in a children’s party. They just assumed prone position for the longest period they could without lifting their heads or moving a muscle.
Seriously, I found it stupid. I mean what satisfaction does one get lying prone? It is way different from long boarding, bike exhibitions and gadgets obsession most of youths are engaging in.
I chanced upon a documentary about it on GMA New TV and it made me think that making it to be a subject matter on a documentary, it means that Planking is making waves in our country. It is not as simple as lying prone on the floor. Plankers take it to the extreme by doing it in awkward and dangerous places like on the edge of a roof top, on top of a microwave oven on top of a refrigerator, on top of a vendo machine.
It is viewed as a different form of promotion. There is a dedicated website where one could post his Planking stunts.
I just hope that nobody gets hurt because before it became a hit in the country, a man died in Australia trying to perform a dangerous Plank stunt.

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