Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is it not what it looks like?

Pint sized models are causing a stir lately as they get involved in commercialization that are age inappropriate.
It started with a 10-year old girl’s photo spread in Vogue France that some think are not suited for her age. They have branded the poses of young girl, Thylane Loubry Blondeau as inviting or provocative.

Barely two weeks after that, a new controversy this time again in France, has sprung involving pre-schoolers about age of four in lingerie assuming sexy and racy poses. Many have broken into outburst condemning the sexualization and exploitation of very young kids who do not have any ideas what they are getting themselves into.
Just this week, another blow to the innocent minds of pretty young girls went viral. In United Kingdom there is a pole dancing class offered for toddlers. British parents are actually paying good amount of money for their little daughters to learn stripper-dance style on a pole. Psycho therapists are calling the provocative lessons as vulgar and a clear form of exploitation.

You do not have to be a feminist or sexist to understand what is wrong in the pictures shown or situations illustrated. The acts maybe pure and innocent to the kids themselves but to most, it is suggesting of something. Just a simple question would help settle the controversy: would you want your child to be in this situation?

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