Saturday, August 13, 2011

The difference is...

To break the monotony of my day off, I decided to go to the flea market to buy me some fresh fruits. I decided to get serious with my diet and watch what I eat.
I learned that avocados are packed with good cholesterol so I scored 2 kilos. They are in season so they are cheap like mangoes in the summer but unlike mangoes I could not eat an avocado on its own. I have to put some milk and sugar to make it palatable.
I dropped by a small grocery store which to me is more of a sari-sari (variety) store but since it says on its sign board that it is a grocery store, I am obliged to call it that way.
I bought 2 cans of milk and I was surprised to see at the counter that they actually use POS with receipt printer. So it is actually a grocery store!

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