Monday, August 1, 2011

The cold feet. Literally!

The alarm went off at 3:00 a.m. today. I had to get up and prepare for my next run- The 35th Milo Marathon. I have prepared myself for this but I am not physically prepared for a bad weather. I decided to proceed to SM MOA where my friends are waiting. Actually, they did not wait at all. I was trying to phone and text my friend but she did not reply. I guess she ran away with the pack.
Around 5:00 am I was on Buendia Ave and I heard loud sirens from motorcycles escorting about five runners who I thought were on the 42K category. Most of them were Kenyans. Well I am not surprised. Of all the runs I have joined where there are prizes, Kenyans were always there. Good for them. I know they need ‘em money. I was there for fun.
I reached at 5:30am MOA after negotiating with a cab driver to get us there (I played good Samaritan and offered carpool to a couple of guys who are sporting Milo singlets like me). Everyone’s busy fixing themselves at every corner of MOA. While thousands braved the rain, I contained my hunger for some endorphins sitting on a bench outside a restaurant at MOA. I just decied to wait for my friends there. I chickened out because I could not stand the cold breeze wearing dry clothes how will I endure the chills when I am soaked?
I have once run in the rain in UP oval and I just hurt my ankle. I did not regret that I had cold feet my intentions are good and I think to help a child get a new pair of shoes which is the aim of Milo Marathon.
Until next year.

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