Friday, August 12, 2011

A good laugh

I had my first movie for the year. I am not a fan of moviehouses for some comfort and economic reasons but I think it is the time of the year that I should pay an old acquaintance a visit.
Since it is our pay day and I think I owe myself some R & R after pulling myself through the 2-day ACLS course, I talked my colleague into spending the rest of our day at a moviehouse.
I heard a lot of buzz about this indie film which is an entry to the 2011 Cinemalaya in Manila. I know for one that having Eugene Domingo as one of the lead actors will surely make it spot on comedy hit.
The start of the movie was complete drag for me. I was annoyed by the narration of a guy who I later found out to be the director of the indie film in the movie.
The movie is about two guys who dream of making it big in the independent film making world. Their concept for their first project was a situation of a single mother in the slums. How she tried to raise all her 7 children in the midst of below the line poverty. The project will try point the cause of child prostitution to poverty.
The story depicts how the aspiring indie film junkies struggle in coming up with the final script and who will play as the lead part.
Eugene Domingo played herself in the movie and her portrayal of herself is really a non-stop sidestitch spree.
I was expecting for more laughs until Domingo fell off the septic tank accidentally and that was it. It just kept us hanging. Almost all the moviegoers had the same comment: Yun na yun? (Is that it?)
Domingo is undoubtedly funny and the praises for her acting are just well fitting. The words of mouth are really powerful and if the film was indeed an independent and low-budget, I am sure the producer or producers are still not done counting their return of investment as of this writing. Kudos for the cheap yet good laugh.
Why do I have this feeling that Star Cinema has something to do with this film? It has their signature touch hidden somewhere.

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