Friday, July 2, 2010

The sudden U turn, obeying the traffic rules...are these safe for P-Noy?

I learned on the news that right after attending the street party organized for him, President Noynoy Aquino made an unplanned pit stop at his favourite restaurant to have quick bite. Instead of turning right going to Time Street where he resides, his car headed straight to the next U-turn slot to get a tummy filler.
The video showed some of his escorts have made the right turn meaning they might be unaware of the plan.
While the media are all eyes on him, I do not think this move, although it makes him more human, is a brilliant move as it might jeopardize his security.
Also, in the first two days of his President duty, he took the usual traffic route, going with the traffic law stopping on red light signals. This made his Presidential Security Group or PSG extra jumpy as they opened their escort cars’ doors while on red light.
The traffic took toll on him as Commander-in-chief was 40 minutes late for his military honor appointment.
While I find it admirable some say that P-Noy is becoming a stubborn, not allowing himself to occupy the Malacanang Palace or the house they used to stay in Arelegui while her mother was still the president.
I hope that he will do something about the horrible traffic so that no one has to do the counter flow or use the wang-wang.

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