Thursday, July 1, 2010

P-Noy: new hope or just one of them?

I came from the PM shift the other night. While on the bus on my way home, the Tv on board was showing live telecast of the then president-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III on his way to take his oath as the new and the 15th president of the Philippines.

I passed through Time Street where he’ll be coming from and the feed showed that he is leaving his home.

I got excited. I thought he’ll be passing by Espana Bouleverd so I waited on the sidewalk in the corner of Espana blvd and Vicente Cruz St. Many people are also waiting for him. It took me 5 red light cycles before I gave up and headed home.

As I reached home, the “show” has jsut started with Charice Pempengco singing the National Anthem. Followed by so many musical numbers. I told to myself, am I watching a Sunday variety show? This is so showbiz!

It just came clear to me through the interview with historian Manuel Quezon III that according to tradition, the incoming president should take his oath at exactly 12:00 in the afternoon. It so happened that Noynoy came in too early that they had to fill in idle time to entertain everyone until the clock hits 12 noon.

Anyhow, with the help of my nieces, I was able to fight the calling of my bed and I was able to hear some of Noynoy’s platform which according to him is based on the people’s mandate.

I have little knowledge about the economics so I leave that part to the experts. All I care about is that he promised to focus on giving jobs to everyone so that no one has to leave the country and another is that he will not allow abusive officials to be the cause of traffic jam by prohibiting counter flow (of the traffic) and the use of wang-wang or the emergency vehicle alarm just to get ahead with the traffic flow.

The stage is now yours P-Noy, it is up to you to entertain and amuse or amaze us. Have it your way.