Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pink, hurt in an accident

Pink was hurt in her concert in Germany.
Known for her daring number (remember her flying cum showering number in the 2010 Grammy's?), Pink was supposed to fly on a harness but accidents happen.
The harness crew in charge of operating Pink’s stunt did not get the cue from Pink that there was a problem with the harness one of the dancers trying to pun on her.
Pink and her dancers were pulled hard infront of the stage with Pink and the other dancer hitting the metal barrier.
As professional as she can, after asking for forgiveness for cursing, she also apologized for not being able to carry on with the song number as she felt so hurt.
Later on, while in the hospital, she Twitted: Nothings broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore.
Get well Pink!

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