Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A taste of Thai

We have met with our vacationing friend from Australia. On my way to our meeting place in Megamall, he texted me to think where we would get our tummies filled. Since he is already there, I asked him to look for Thai resto.
Being a lazy guy, he just waited for me and we began our resto hunting spree. It did not take us long to find a Thai resto. At first, my friend was hesitant to come in as he regarded the rather small place as a fastfood and he was looking for a gourmet-like stuff. I talked him into looking at the menu and after a few minutes of thinking through, we finally decided to sit in.

The place is called Jatujak. I first ordered the Thai milk tea, my number one on the list! The glass was tall and it was heavenly. We ordered for a large bowl of seafood Tom yum which was served in a pot on a little fire. It was spicy in a good way. Sipping even a teaspoon could surely cure any naso-pharyngeal problems. All the clogs in your airway would surely be melted away. The large pot was enough for voracious appetite of four. The pomelo shrimp salad was also a hit. IT was my first time actually to try it and I was pleased.
Although there were foods that we actually enjoy, the bagoong rice did not blow me away. Also, the green curry was too spicy for me.

Overall, we went out with smile on our face. The dining experience was good and the tab did not drain our pockets. I will be surely going back there for the Tom Yum and Thai milk tea.

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