Friday, January 20, 2012

The double edged-razor

Working at a cardiac center, it is not uncommon for me to encounter patients who have been suffering from diabetes or who have just been diagnosed to have one. Whether acquired via modifiable or non-modifiable lifestyle, each patient has to act on controlling the disease before it controls him or her.
There are those who have been popping pills called the oral hypogylcemic agent (OHA) or injecting insulin to control their sugar levels.
I remember a consultant in our institution saying in a matter-of-fact manner that medicine and medications are like double-edged razor, it will either cure a person or kill a person that is why he stresses out to the new breed of doctors to thoroughly assess their patients and correlate them with the medications that they will prescribe to them . Understanding the medicine’s indication, contraindication, side effects and adverse side effects.
I have learned that there are diabetes patients who took Actos maybe at an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. There is actually a firm that is is actively accepting Actos bladder cancer cases in the USA. So if you are or if you know someone who is a NON-SMOKER who has contracted bladder cancer after taking Actos, as them to contact Watts Guerra Craft LLP today. There are actos cancer attorneys that will review their cases and help them fight for their rights.

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