Friday, June 27, 2008


I am actually rejoicing for several good reasons:
1. I got a clearance from our house doctor that I am no longer contgious and already fit to work.
Oh well, I always feel better the whole time I was sick. I am so thankful that my shingles was not that bad and it did not give me a rough time. Although I was really paranoid of spreading the virus to my family so during the day that I was on sick leave, I was out. I was attending classes. I knew that nurses there are immune to nosocomial infections (hospital acquired diseases). heehee
2. I got my new laptop. It's not the Macbook Air that everyone is getting crazy about about but it's a sure better replcament to my dying desktop that by the way became flat line yesterday (as in literally the screen became flatline as if it was zapped by a nuclear explosion.
I always knew that my broadband connection is fast but due to my dysfunctional desktop, connection was just a bit above the dial up connection. Now I am really enjoyingthe fast connection.
I am just adjusting to the following:
a. softer keyboard. I need to type gently
b. getting used to scroll pad (is that what you call it?)
c. typing numbers (there are no calculator type digits y'know)

3. Someone has cleaned my room today and changed my linens

I am feeling a bit happy now. Maybe being away from the office for a while is a good stress buster. I did not even feel bad at all losing the chance of becoming part time trainer in the office.
I am brewing something and I hope that good vibes will continue to stick with me for the rest of the year.
I know that it's immature to tell yet, but 2008 will be one of the best years of my life.

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