Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All natural all the time

Whenever I am craving for protein bars (I rarely eat animal meat), I have to swing by a grocery store near our office. I need to energize my body. Well, we do have a canteen and a vending machine but all they sell are unhealthy and junk foods.

I am into munching natural healthy snack and having organic choices would be a heaven, not only in office settings but more importantly in schools. Yeah, it’s back to school and children are often tempted to sink their teeth into sweets or other junk foods. Parents and guardians though prepare snacks for their kids they are still unsure if their kids are free from snack-swapping sprees.

I would say that it is about time that school and office administration consider putting up natural vending machine or organic vending machine. There should always be quick bites of good nutrition and a handful of alternative snacks for people who are always on the go.
It just dawned on me, since our department has launched a wellness program dubbed as iCONLites, I think it would be great if they will also include new healthy vending program that will offer healthy choices and provide good nutrition for everyone.

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sean said...

I recently googled organic snacks and came across this blog. This is a very good way to promote healthy eating by way of snacks......

I thought I contact Vend Natural for some more information. Turns out that they have locations all across the U.S.

At the moment they have locations in Philadelphia. I am currently living in Los Angeles so I thought I pass on the words in case anyone might be interested in this location.

If you are interested, contact them or go to their web site,