Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Good Life

I joined my officemate (as her guest) in the gym today.
We went straight ahead to a gym in ABS CBN after office. Actually, it was my third time already to be there, as a guest. Seriously, I enjoy the workout, the facilities and amenities but I am not willing to shell out a hefty amount just to get physically fit.
Anyway, I was interviewed first by the receptionist and she tried persuading me to get a passport membership. I politely declined saying that I have to think about it first. Which I already have done a gazillion times.
After warming up and dong some mid-body workouts, we joined the body combat group exercise. It's like sparring with choreography. It was fun but sadly I had to stop after 15 minutes because my heart is pounding really fast.
Mind you, there were nearly-senior citizens in group exercise and they have lasted all through out the session. I was thinking, it might be they really have good stamina that n I have or they just want to show off or convince themselves that they can still do it.
Oh good luck with that! I don't know if they've got clearance from their physicians to do strenuous workouts. As for me, I don't want to push myself to the limit, I have mitral valve prolapse and i still want to live a little longer.
I just sat in the lounge and waited for my officemate to get done. I felt nauseous. Good thing soda is free flowing.
When she's done we just changed into casual clothes. Yeah, we did not hit the shower. I did not bring towel because I was thinking it will be provided for since the monthly gym fee is ceiling high. Well I was wrong. I just forgot that they were not really providing towels for the people there.
I was not able to talk my officemate into getting a body spa so I just went on alone. It was outside the gym.
The masseuse was very good although she did not talk much during the one hour session. She focused on my stress points especially on my back.
All the pain and some discomfort that I have been feeling since my last spa treatment in September last year just vanished.
It's really good to treat yourself once in a while and feel guiltless about it.

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Urban Thought said...

Just because folk are mature in age (or what some would consider old) doesn't mean they aren't fit.

I see these 60 and 70 year olds in the gym all the time and they do it better than some young people. Benching 300 and what not. I can't get past 240.

Glad you went anyway and realized what your current limit is. However, push yourself more in moderation and I'm sure you can last more than 15 minutes.

I cannot believe your friend passed on a body massage. I need to get one myself.

Thank you for stopping by.