Monday, December 5, 2011

When life gives you lemon...turn it into Happy Lemon!

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Happy Lemon (at least in my ward). I have been living under the rock that I have lost update on the latest hotspots in this side of the planet. Before our duty ended, my best bud in the ward and I were having a debate who will be going with who. You see, I have been craving to sink my teeth in our of the cakes at Cakes2Go while she holds her ground to get her special drink fix at Happy Lemon.
Sadly (or not), she won with the bribe that my first drink would be on her! On we went to Trinoma for the latest craze in town. I was really appalled to see that we could not immediately chug down a drink as we had to wait in line.
My buddy had her rock salt and cheese cocoa and I, being a fan of milk tea, had my milk tea pudding. I am not a fan of tapioca or pudding blended in my milk tea but I did not have the energy to ask if I could skip the pudding and pearl part. I tried my first sip and I can say that I still swear by Tokyo Cafe’s milk tea. Admittedly, my curiosity was awakened by my friend’s drink. It was something that I am sure Happy Lemon has gotten its claim to fame.
Okay so I still have my loyalty check in place then. Hands down to Happy Lemon’s very own Rock Salt and Cheese concoction and Tokyo Cafe’s and Toast Box’s milk teas are still to die for.

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