Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mission Possible

You read it right. Tom Cruise and the rest of the pack did not fail to deliver in the latest franchise of Mission Impossible called the Ghost Protocol. After almost six years or so, Cruises’ team’s creative juices were squeezed upto the last sap. I was sitting on the edge of my seat from the minute the movie has started upto the time the closing credits were rolled.
The plot was the usual MI storyline, conspiracy blah blah but there were no scenes that would make you want to blink. Every fight scene, every execution of their overboard spy plans are jaw dropping and heart pumping. What made the stunts really jumpy is knowing that Tom Cruise really did them himself sans the double. The whole movie was made interesting and light by the comic relief pulled off by Simon Pegg, an English actor comedian who gave justice to his role. His exchanges of funny line with Jeremy Renner gave everyone side stitches.
Two thumbs up to MI4. Tom Cruise will surely be having a hard time surpassing this latest mileage in his career

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