Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not so-gruesome but still unsatisfying experience with a government agency

I learned from a TV ad that registration for the 2013 local and national elections are ongoing at certain COMELEC Offices. I have skipped voting for numerous times and seriously, if it were not for my nagging father, I would not be obliged to reactivate and transfer my registration from our province to Manila.
Anyway, after a couple of phone calls to know the exact location of their office (Google Map was of no help), I decided to head for it this afternoon.
I fought my urge to finish my favourite local noontime show to give in to the call of duty.
After few attempts to look for it, I finally stepped on the grounds of COMELEC. The building is seriously old and needs some serious dusting.
I got up on the second floor and was cordially greeted by an employee who politely asked me to go one more floor up for my particular barangay. When I finally reached the fourth floor I stepped in to an office where there are two televisions on. I am sure that they were placed there for the entertainment of the registrants because the registrants were outside sat by a table filling out the registration form.
I was asked by the man from which barangay I came from, I said my address but he required for a barangay with zone number. I kept my cool, because for one, I did not know that I have barangay number because I never included barangay in my address and my mails are coming into my house even without the freaking barangay.
I did not make any suggestions in order for him to find out my barangay. He just asked for the name of my relative who lives in the same place where I live in that is a registered voter in the same municipality. I just gave him the name, and in a minute he was able to locate my barangay which is 568.
In my mind, bam! You could have made it easier for the both of us if you just did what you were supposed to do instead of giving unwarranted remarks.
I did not take me fifteen minutes to finish the entire registration process. I got to have the finger printing and webcam photo in a breeze. Good thing that the man who “assisted” m at the start was no longer in that room when I came back after filling out my application form.
I just feel sorry that while were almost treated as slaves in our hospital by patients and their relatives, those who are working in other government agency still carry the attitude that they are superior to the Filipinos.
I do not expect them to treat us as royalty but I expect them not to treat us like idiots or some kind of distraction in doing their television viewing.

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