Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blown away

I was from the night duty and before I punched out around 8:00 am, it is all over the news that typhoon Pedring has just made his landfall in Northern Luzon. The Typhoon category has been raised to 3 which is the highest and it is ripping everything on its path. Government offices were declared closed due to gusty winds and heavy rains everywhere including Metro Manila.
Just when I went out and as I stood by the hospital lobby, I felt the over powering wind and occasional rain. Every umbrella that I saw turned upside down and it was basically impossible for someone to hold an umbrella open without it being ripped. I was trying to feel if I could walk in the middle of the situation without me tumbling. Fearing that the matter would get worse as minutes go by, I decided to brave the wind and the rain. I put on my bucket hat and ran for my dear life.
Heavy rains have started to pour and I was praying hard that water would not rise. There was zero visibility. I never felt too scared like this. I mean it was the first time for me to experience typhoon outside the four corners of my home.
I pray that everyone stays safe.

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