Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smiling and walking beautifully

I got some tress and foot treats today. I do not know but I do not have confidence in big time salons. I feel that they are just robbing people big time with the same hair treatment and hair cut that you could get from your neighborhood salon.
This nameless salon along Espana Boulevard near corner Vicente Cruz gives a good service in terms of hair and nail care. It is not a cheap salon in terms of the interior design but the services are way cheaper than those of pricey salons.
I decided to have a pedicure and I was right on giving the lady who will do my toenails instructions on not cutting my in grown nails which she obeyed sheepishly.
Right after that, I had a hot oil treatment for my hair and a some trimmings. I was really satisfied with the outcome of my short trip. Cute pedi and praise-worthy k-pop-inspired hair, I walked out of the salon with a huge grin on my face.

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