Friday, June 17, 2011

God save the chickens!

I am have been drooling over Max’s Chicken All You Can promo. Last year, I missed to take advantage of the promo for some reason that I was not aware of it. Yeah, stone me to death for I was living under a rock.
And now that it is finally back for one good month, I dragged myself to a nearby mall. I was there 5:30 and there was no line and the crew told me that I could already avail of the promo as early as that time.
I did not eat anything at home. I woke up at past 1:00 p.m. and it was freaking hot. I sipped on a cold soda on my way to the mall at around 4:00 p.m. After buying some toiletries, I headed straight to Max’s.
I am a rice person so I ordered for a cup of rice and being an iced tea person, up-sized the free drink that goes with the promo to bottomless. They serve fried chicken in quarter sizes and I was served with the leg part. Taking a bite of the red meat, I felt uncomfortable but I just thought, what the heck! I was on my third serving when I felt that I am started to get uneasy with the taste of the fried chicken. I stopped on taking in the rice and concentrated on finishing the chicken. I was targeting to finish one whole chicken but I failed. The iced that I was hoping to save me from giving up on the taste of the food or the “umay” sensation tasted like the smell of the sauna bath room in my favourite spa salon. I was able to finish four full glasses of it though.
When I come back, oh yes, I am planning to comeback, I am hoping to surpass my record and to finish a decent whole chicken. This time, no rice for me though. I will just order mashed potato to beat the umay feeling.

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