Monday, June 13, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial

Caylee Marie Anthony was reported missing in July 2008 by her grandmother Cynthia “Cindy” Anthony. Cindy called the cops saying that her daughter’s towed car smelled like a decaying corpse or garbage of some sort.
Casey and Caylee used to live with them (Cindy’s husband, George) until July 2008 when Casey brought her daughter out of their home . Cindy attempted to see her granddaughter but Casey made alibis of being busy at work or that Caylee was with her nanny at theme park. The said nanny was never seen by Casey’s parents, friends or ex-boyfriend.
Now twenty five-year old, Casey was first arrested in July 2008 charged with giving of false statement, neglect of a child and obstruction of criminal investigation. She was not given a chance to bail until August 2008 when was released on bail of $500,200. She was arrested again on “August 29, 2008, on charges of forgery, fraudulent use of personal information, and petty theft for forging $700 worth of checks and using her friend's credit cards without permission and due to a lack of cooperation from Casey Anthony.” (source Wikipedia)
More bone parts were found in December and medical examiner Jan Garavaglia confirmed that the remains found were those of Caylee Anthony.
Casey, was charged with murder of her 2-year old daughter starting with the argument from the jurors that Casey, waited nearly 31 days before reporting that little Caylee was missing. Casey had a reputation of non-stop partying during the days her daughter was missing.
Prosecutors accuse Casey of forcing Caylee to inhale chloroform and then suffocated her by placing duct tape on the toddler's nose and mouth since the said chemical was smelled form her towed car.
Defense claims that Caylee drowned in the family pool, but the question behind why her body has landed in the wood, with dock tape around half of her, now skull remains afloat.
Also, defense states that Caley came from dysfunctional family where she has suffered sexual abuse from her father and brother. They use the alibi of Caylee being drowned in the pool and putting the blame on Casey by her father .
The trial began in May 2011 and is set to end this June. With the attention it is getting from the people all over America and the number of curious people who want to attend the hearing, it is now considered as the decade’s OJ Simpson murder trial in 1995.

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