Friday, October 8, 2010

The private sanctuary

Since the critical care course has started, I chose to stay in the dorm more often especially when I had a duty straight from the lecture. I am getting used to having roomies and getting in line to get my turn to the bathroom. Since the other area of the bathrooms is being repaired, I contain ourselves to the three cubicles pending reconstruction of betterbathrooms
I really loved how they spruced the bathrooms. They have placed handheld showers with hot and cold switches ofcourse. The sink was also renovated and instead of having three individual sinks, it was converted to one long sink with three fancy faucets. One thing I do not like about the reconstruction though is that they did not include the toilets. They kept them as they were. Toilets were separated by cubicles and the doors on each cubicle are not decent enough to hide what the person inside is doing.
I am just hoping that the renovation of the other bathroom and toilet area will be done soon in order for us to enjoy our bath time. There are times that we need to be in a hurry as there is a long line waiting or one’s time to shower has been eaten up by waiting in line.

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