Sunday, October 19, 2008

A second opinion

I have had submitted myself to National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) for a series of lab workups.
It has been a month that I have this edema (fluid retention) and I have started on steroids already last Thursday along with a new brand and lowered dosage of medicine to lower my cholesterol.
I know for a fact the NKTI is a government hospital but I did not go in as an indigent patient. All the bills are being shouldered by my employer that is why I am expecting a better service.
Being requested for a number of times to go to the lab for tests and claim them then submit the results to my nephrologists is an exasperating task for me.
I cannot be up on my feet for long periods because the force of gravity pulls my liquid to my ankles. And admittedly, I am scared to look at my feet.
Last Friday was my restday, all day long I remained in bed with a few trips to the comfort room and kitchen 
And I feel relieved that the swelling has subsided.
But not for long because when I reported for work yesterday, it began to swell again.
I am scheduled to for a follow up check up on October 30 but I am thinking of going for a second opinion.

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