Friday, October 31, 2008

A little help

Being a not-so techy person, I find it hard making my personal space on the internet, appealing. I know that it pains my readers to figure out what is my theme but the lack of knowledge and resources in getting a blog power tool is a quest for me.
So since I am feeling a bit better, (finally!) I have searched on the things that will help me revive my blogspot.
I was able to check on free images for bloggers that will are very catchy and edgy.The choices are unlimited since it is hosted for bloggers and photographers.
This Acobox will aid bloggers like me to make their blog posts an eye candy for everyone. They make sure that all of the images are of high quality and optimized for blog postings. By hosting the images , the users can get image by copying a piece of image code with a click, and then put it into the blog post with Ctrl-v or copy paste, no more searching, copying, resizing, uploading.
Any theme that you have in your blog or any visual that you will require, you can find it here. Different themes, people, places and a whole lot more are available here.

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