Sunday, May 27, 2012

Throwing punches

I became bored going to the gym. My routine would be 25 minutes on the treadmill, some 30 minutes in the Gold Express where I tone my muscles, 30 minutes on the floor for some core exercises and additional 1 hour if there is a class core or definition class. My co-staff in the hospital invited me to with him at FIST for boxing. It aroused my interest so I went with him. The trainer whom they call Coach is the brother of boxing champ Luisito Espinosa. After the stretching, he oriented with the routine in boxing. Right straight. Left straight, jab, right hook, upper cut. After a few misses I got the hang of the routine. Three rounds have passed and they were amazed that I am not shedding a drop of sweat nor I gasp for air. My hand just felt sore though. I enjoyed the routine that I signed up for membership. I want to have toned arms and flash my guns . Add to Technorati Favorites