Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Loving the higlands

It was in February when we last hit the road to Tagaytay and it is just appropriate to enjoy the summer breeze on the hills after soaking in the salty water of Batangas. I have been wanting to revisit LMZ restaurant near Tagaytay Crossing where I had the tastiest Kare-kare in 2010. The sauce itself can stand on its own. You could actually taste the thick peanut butter in it and could really get you through what you can call, a complete meal! We agreed to stop by LMZ restaurant on our way home and have our dinner there. Kare-kare being our highly recommended dish was the first on the order list. After a few minutes of waiting, it arrived and I immediately dug in. They still have it! The same old fashioned preparation of ox tail smothered with thick peanut butter sauce and locally produced fresh vegetables. I did not dare take my share of other dishes. I felt heavenly stuffing my mouth with the most delicious kare-kare . I instantly forgot about my diet. I had 2 and a half servings of rice and a can of coke and that was it for me. I swear, I will be back for more. Add to Technorati Favorites