Friday, July 8, 2011

Is it over?

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the murder of her then 3-year-old daughter. The verdict was made on Tuesday and has surprised a number of legal analysts and crowd.
Since Caylee’s remains were mere dry bones, it was hard for the prosecutor to support their case of murder.
The defense stood by their statement that Casey did not murder Caylee and that the little girl accidentally drowned in their family’s pool.
Anthony however was found guilty of four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer and yesterday, her penalty was issued. She will serve four years in prison and after recalculating her prison stay of 1,043 days which will serve as credit, Casey will be released on July 17th.
The trial lasted for seven weeks which had the grip of the people in the US.
“No justice in the case” this is one of the comments heard in the coverage of the decade’s OJ Simpson trial.
I pray that Caylee will soon find justice.

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