Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stereo typing

Admittedly, I am hooked to the Pinoy version of Stairway to Heaven. Actually I did not know that I am into Dingdong Dantes until I was told your balikbayan. One night, our teenager balikbayan was talking to me (I guess for a while already) and he noticed that I was just a few inches away from the TV screen staring at Cholo (Dingdong Dantes). When he did not get any response from the usual talkative me, he then exclaimed: so that is your guy.
Until now, I have this Cholo/Dingdong fever and when we were in Singapore, I happened to sit next to a guy who looked like a Koreanovela actor. I was talking incessantly mentioning Cholo. Then he smiled at me. I asked if he's Korean or Chinese. He said he's Chinese. Then he asked backed if I were Filipino or Malaysian.
I guess the stereotyping was there. His skin was milky white and his eyes were slit-like. My skin was brown and my eyes were wide.
I did not take offense on that, I hope he did not.

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