Sunday, September 27, 2009

Whatta typhoon

I thought it was just another rainy day so I went off to the office as usual. Little I know that this tropical storm Ondoy would cause such a catastrophe in the entire Metro Manila, Rizal and nearby provinces. Seriously, the wind is not that strong and it was not even regarded as super typhoon but the heavry rains it splashed in the NCR have caused the water lever in the water sheds and rivers to rise.
For the first time, our house was flooded. I got stranded and was able to get home by 1 am on Sunday.
And although the water has subsided, I was surprised to see how our house was swept by the water that came in so quickly. Thanks goodness that my family was able to save all the things in our house and put them on higher grounds.
Although we live in Sampaloc, there was no instance that it flooded even infront of our gate. Same is true with our Quezon Ave. where I work. Below is a snapshot shot on my cell phone.

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