Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More reason not to watch movies in theater

My friends who have been my movie-watching buddies have left the country and I being all alone, I do not have the courage to rush to the movie house even though I want to catch the latest flick on the big screen . In the height of the Batman The Dark Knight Rises, 12 lives were lost and 50 plusothers were hurt as a gun man, named James Holmes went ballistic at the midnight showing of the most awaited Batman franchise

I was shaken to the core learning that the suspect came in to the movie theatre armed with heavy ammo and a tear gas in Aurora, Colorado. At first, the moviegoers in the theatre thought that blasting of tear gas and firing of guns in the air were part of the movie premiere. It was too late when they realized the Holmes as aiming the gun at his victims indiscriminately. The youngest victim who died was a 6-year-old kid while the oldest was 51-year-old man. The whole country of America was mourning about this tragic incident and make shift memorial was made in the town of Aurora. Lead actor of the Dark Knight, Christian Bale, went out of his way to pay his respect to the victims in Colorado. The tragedy was just unbelievable. The first lawsuit has been filed against Holmes.

I have been telling that I am not a fan of movie houses, and this recent turn of events made me more disinterested in going too the movie theatre. Add to Technorati Favorites