Saturday, April 14, 2012

A tail's tale

Finally, after the long wait for my hair to reach its first anniversary of being rebonded (straightened) I get to have the same treatment again using the voucher I availed in December through
It was priced at around P5000 plus that include hair rebonding, keratin treatment and hair cut.
I had an appointment and thinking that I will be sitting in for the treatment for approximately six hours, I packed some power food (read: super lunch).
My hair was ironed out first and then the trained staff put on some hair treatment batch by batch. After about 20 minutes my hair was washed, dried out and then ironed out one again. Another hair treatment was put on my hair and after another 20 minutes, it was rinsed out. It was dried out and ironed out for the last time. The procedure seems easy as I described it but what makes it long and pain staking is that my hair was too thick that ironing it out requires approximately 2 hours. Some snipping were made to make my hair’s length even.
I was asked, note asked not offered, to buy the special organic shampoo and hair mask/conditioner worth P800.exclusively made for the salon. I did not argue since I already declined their suggestion to have hair cellophane treatment worth P900. I should say that my trip at Studio One salon was satisfying as compared to my first visit there. Maybe because the owner who rejected to have my hair treated in February was not there.

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