Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And it’s no longer free = (

My Supercard from Shakey’s is about to expire tomorrow. With a bit of “lambing” from my eldest niece who swears by this pizza house’s name, I cave in to the calling of indulging in the wave of calories.
I dialled 77777 and got hold of the operator who courteously took my order. I ordered for a large Angus Beef pizza and I learned that they no longer offer thick crust. What they have as a replacement is the hand tossed and I don’t know if it is the new name for the thick one. As we closed the deal, getting half and half of pepperoni and Hawaiian for my free pizza and regular one liter coke, she told me to sync our time..blah blah blah and on her closing spiel, she said to wait for my order for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
I figured out that they might have suffered so much from getting over the 45-minute time limit that is why they have resorted to adjusting their cut off.

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