Sunday, January 23, 2011

More than just a fun run

Jem, together with her 17-year-old nephew, met up at McDonalds on Boni Ave. in Mandlauyong @ around 4:30am. I had a quick pancake breakfast while waiting for them to arrive. Five am is the assembly time on the 28th street cor. 9th ave at Global City the Fort for the first Greentennial Run.
The gunshot for the 15k started at 5:30am while our category, the 10k run started at 5:40am. It is still dark then but the runners’ spirits are so high that you can almost feel the heat in the air. The route started from the Fort reached Buendia cor. Makati Ave. I was pleased to look at my watch seeing that I am hitting one hour and on my calculation, given the same route, I will be finished in an hour and 15 minutes. But I was surprised that there is a change in the route and u-turning to go back to the Fort passing through the British School turning right to the Market! Market then u-turning to an equally far stretch taking u-turn to half its length then going right passing the British School then left to Fort. I did not feel tired but my right knee is hurting so much that I literally walked the curve to the British School then to the finish line. My spirit was lifted as I saw the finish line and I began sprinting. I finished at 1:37 minutes on the clock.
Our bibs are clipped which are recognized by the sensors placed at the finish line. The results can be viewed at
True to its slogan, a fun run they really had these stops where a bunch of photogs will capture you in having the highest jump, smile and the “it” point. Also it is a family event having couples and kids joining the run.
The P500 registration fee is really worth it compared to the experience, prizes (my friend jem came in third and won a whopping P4000!) and the freebies. There are also photo booths for each category.
Powerade stations during the run is based on my count is limited to three and there is Maynilad “rain” station to hydrate us. The good thing though is there is Powerade station on site that gives bottomless Powerades and Wilkins bottled waters.
There are also a good Greentennial sling bag carrying hefty samples of multivitamins, vitamin C and Oracare mouthwash and toothpaste.
It was really a fun-filled day.

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