Thursday, December 17, 2009

A real headache

If you think applying for a job is hard, wait until you resign from your work and start processing your clearance to get your certificate of employment and final pay. First, it is hard to find all the signatories for each department so you will end up calling the contact person only to get a reply that the signatory is out for a meeting. When you finally have completed the clearance, it has to pass through another set of signatories care of HRD. After waiting for more than a week, you will find out that the computation was wrong so they have to recomputed everything and route it again for signature and I do not know if they hired a snail for a messenger. It does not end there, when the computation has been made, it will be sent to a third party insurer/accountant or whatever and wait for eternity. In your second life, the third party vendor will send their reply and their computation has yet to be assessed by the company’s Finance Department but before that, it has to pass through tons of signatories in the HRD. In short or in long, whichever is appropriate, you need to have tons of patients and atleast two lifetimes to get cleared and have your not-so hefty final pay.

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